Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Spotlight's On: Stephanie Sumulong of The Sumulong 3

Name:  Stephanie Sumulong
Blog Name and URL:  The Sumulong 3
Blogger or Wordpress?   Blogger

Favorite widget or plugin?  Strange, but I like the Feedjit because it’s fun to see where people are coming from to view the blog
What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?  My dream is to own a bed and breakfast in a historic town and take people on walking tours of said town.

While we are at it, what’s your theme song?  

The theme song from the TV show “The Facts of Life”….I’m always trying to take the good and the bad and make it work!  My tag line would be stolen from Tim Gunn of “Project Runway”:  “Make it work, people!”
Dish you would bring to our community picnic:  

Baked beans…….with brown sugar, a little REAL maple syrup, 3 different kinds of beans, some BBQ sauce, chopped bacon pieces, and crushed pineapple.  Ah-mazing!

On Blogging:

What got you blogging and what keeps you going?  

Most of our friends and family don’t live near us and most of them don’t have any real connection to Down syndrome.  So I wanted them to get to know Owen better and to get to know Down syndrome better.  

One post (that you wrote) that makes you laugh?  

“Let there be light……or not!”  It’s just a funny lamentation on the fact that my kid is finally tall enough to turn out the lights on me.

One post you are really proud of, for whatever reason?  

“Owen’s Other Diagnosis”
I wrote about how sensory processing disorder affects Owen’s environment and things we try to do to help him.  I’ve had people (many of whom I don’t know) email/message me about it to ask for more information.  Local friends have also said that they understood better why Owen and I wouldn’t join them for certain play group outings and they actually planned things that better suit Owen’s needs, which is a huge step forward.

How have you seen your blog/blogging style change and how would you like to see it develop? 

I’m still very new at this and frankly I’d like to see myself take some chances and really say how I feel.  Sometimes I’m worried I might offend someone, but I think I’ve realized it’s my blog and I just need to say it.  If someone’s offended, well, so be it.

Two blogs you love to read and why?  “Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced”
I love hearing from Elizabeth’s older sister Leanne since it just seems rare to have a glimpse into the world of an adult with Down syndrome.

“Life as I know it”  Lisa Morguess seriously says all the things and more that I wish I would say!  I just love her honesty about life in general.  She nails it every time she blogs.

Where else can we find you online?  

Facebook:  Stephanie Per Due Sumulong     
Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your Awkward Photo! 
And here she is today:


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