Thursday, June 20, 2013

3/21 Blog Hop: Theme: SUMMER

Rather than make the blog hop weekly and only for the summer, we thought having it monthly - and ongoing - makes more sense (and if we try to be anything, it's sensible!). So we'll set up a blog hop and prompt every month for the 21st of the month. No matter what the day. Just the date matters: the 21st.

If this is a hit and y'all are having fun posting, we'll do another on the 3rd of every month as well as the 21st (3rd and 21st! :) )

Does that sound good?

This week's optional prompt:

Share a cherished summer memory from your own childhood or from your child's summers. Or, share a favorite summer tradition from your childhood that you are carrying on with your children.

Enter your link - hop will stay open until June 30th!

xo Melissa and Meriah


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