Monday, March 25, 2013

The Spotlight's On: Tracy Churchman of Ty's Adventures

Name: MOOOOOOM!!! Oh, oops, you mean my other name... Tracy Churchman
Blog Name and URL: Ty’s Adventures
Blogger or Wordpress? Wordpress
Favorite widget or plugin? Shareaholic (on the days it likes me & does what it’s supposed to do)
What’s one thing that people don’t know about you? I am deathly afraid of horses...ok, so maybe the horses know this, but people don’t.
While we are at it, what’s your theme song? “M’nah-M’nah” by the Muppets.
Dish you would bring to our community picnic: Artichoke Dip, yeah, I’m fancy like that.
On Blogging:
What got you blogging and what keeps you going? 
I used to fill up notebooks when I was a kid of stories I’d make up & hide them in my closet to never see the light of day. Then I grew up (a little) and someone said you have a different point of view, you have a story to be told, you should start a blog! So here I am 6+ years later, but in blogging years does that mean it’s really been like 12?
One post (that you wrote) that makes you laugh? 
Ty’s Tip of the Week ~ Ferrari. The boy literally DOVE through the open window of a neighbor’s brand new Ferrari parked down the street from our house and pretended to drive it, I presume because he has only ever seen pictures of such a fancy car; that and his inner-male took over and said “SHE MUST BE DRIVEN!” At the time I wanted to bury myself in a hole somewhere,and never come out, but now it’s pretty hilarious.
One post you are really proud of, for whatever reason? 
 I’m really proud of what App-ucation Month continues to morph into year after year and the awareness I’ve been able to generate. If even only to my small circle of friends and family, at least I made one person think a little differently about what people with Down syndrome are capable of. If all goes according to plan, Ty & I will be gifting a student from our school district with Down syndrome an iPad in 2014.
How have you seen your blog/blogging style change and how would you like to see it develop? 
 I care a lot less about what other people think over the years and have been able to let more stuff fly onto the page. I hope this continues because If you were to meet me you’d probably say I’m one of the shyest/quietest people you’ve ever met.
Two blogs you love to read and why? My super talented friend from high school, Britt Chudleigh constantly inspires me to push myself in different directions.

I have never actually met-met Toby Price, but we move around the same circles and he’s constantly inspiring me, making me laugh or giving me advice on the latest tech for Ty
Where else can we find you online? 
...and The Muppets YouTube Channel laughing my butt off with my boys.

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