Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Spotlight's On: Carolyn Montonati of Light and Shadow

Name:  Carolyn Montonati

Blog NameLight and Shadow

Blogger or Wordpress?  Wordpress.

Favorite widget or plugin?  

I like the blog roll widget the best.  I use it on the blogs I read and try to include the best blogs on my roll to give my readers some quality reading.

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?

If you only knew me from FB and my blog, I don't think you would know that I'm less than 5' tall.  I tried to get the nurse at my doctor's office to round up, but she wouldn't.

While we are at it, what’s your theme song? 

It's the name of my blog! "Light and Shadow" by The David Crowder Band.  This song means so much to me, about how I feel about  the two main themes of my life: Jack Jack's diagnosis, life in Afghanistan.  My very first post explained it

Dish you would bring to our community picnic:  

I wish we could have a community picnic!  I would bring home made bread and jam and an awesome chicken salad that has grapes and bacon in it.

On Blogging:

What got you blogging and what keeps you going?  

I was reading so many great blogs about Down syndrome and I totally jumped on the bandwagon.  I thought I have stuff I want to say to my circle of friends and family and a blog would be a good forum for it.  We were considering a move back to Afghanistan and I thought it would be a good way to talk about that, keep people updated and explain to a wider forum just what the heck we were up to.  Also, I hate scrap booking and feel vaguely guilty about that.  So, the blog is also a way to keep a record of our life, with photos, that does not require any cutting and pasting on my part.

One post (that you wrote) that makes you laugh?
I was so upset over our ruined vacation, so writing in a sarcastic tone took some of the sting out, and Tara gave me my first LOL comment on it.

One post you are really proud of, for whatever reason?
I was really nervous about hitting publish on this one.  I stand by it, and still feel very strongly about this subject, and am proud of it, as it really did change some hearts and minds.  Also, a few people in the Down syndrome world admitted to not being sure they would like me, clearly being one more Christian mommy blog and they found this post surprising and refreshing.

How have you seen your blog/blogging style change and how would you like to see it develop?

I don't know that I've been blogging long enough to see a style change, but I would like it to develop.  I've spent more time recently reading blogs of other expat women, knowing that when we move to Afghanistan, it tone will change.  I'd like to be braver and wade into discussions on disability in America, but right now I feel that so many others in our community do a better job at it.

Two blogs you love to read and why?

Only two??  I love blogs, so this is a hard one!
Ds:  I love everything about this blog and Courtney.  Her writing.  Her photos.  Her matter of fact, irreverent style.  I remember clearly, sitting in my parents' home, weeks after diagnosis, with tears streaming down my face.  Jack Jack was just about a month old and it was October -- Ds Awareness month and it was killing me!  

I didn't want to be AWARE.  And I clicked on Pudge and Biggs.  Courtney had written something like "today's Down syndrome fact is that kids with Down syndrome get the flu.  Here's hoping tomorrows fact isn't that they share the flu with their siblings."  Through the tears and the snot, I laughed.  And I felt something loosen up in my chest.  That was a real turning point in my emotional well being.

Non Ds:  If you don't read Rants from Mommyland, you should!  Never read with a mouth full of coffee.  The posts about Randy the Laundry Fairy are worth every minute.  Good writing, funny and occasionally poignant and a tear jerker. 

Where else can we find you online?

Instagram: carolynm516

Facebook: Carolyn Montonati

I have a pinterest account but given my abhorrence for all things crafty and needing scissors, I don't get on there very much. Mostly to see if Lexi Sweatpants has pinned anything funny, but if you want, I'm there at carolynm516

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  1. Thanks Carolyn. So nice to read about your thoughts and I'll have to drop by your blog!