Monday, March 4, 2013

The Spotlight's On: Amber Malmberg of This is My Life...and This is Joy!

Name: Amber Malmberg
Blog: This is My Life...and This is Joy!
Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger user.

Favorite Widget?
LinkWithin! (

One thing that people don’t know about me?
I’m terrified of clowns. No seriously, it’s BAD. I would even go as far to say
that I have Coulrophobia. But for that matter I also have Arachnophobia. I’m
embarrassed by how ridiculous I act when I see a spider. I try my darndest to keep
calm about it. I don’t want my kids to imitate mom! I have even had to call my
husband to come home from work one day(which he could do…it’s not like he had to
clock in or out or anything…sheesh I’m not crazy!) because there was a GINORMOUS
spider on the ceiling above the front door. I was trapped!

And I may or may not have had my 4 year-old nephew vacuum-up a spider in my
house ‘cuz I just couldn’t do it. And I may or may not have left the vacuum outside
for my husband to deal with, after the deed was done, because we all know spiders
can crawl back out right!?

My theme song?
Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel
That song’s totally about me!!! No I’m being sarcastic, I’m not that conceited, It just
gets me dancing and simply happy…no matter what!

Dish I would bring to our community picnic?
Probably a Little Caesars Pizza…Yes, I’ve totally done that! But I’d also bring a
dessert, so then everything will be okay, right?!

What got me blogging?
Family. Mine grew. My husband and I started our family, and then my entire family
reads it. My dad. My mom. Siblings. etc. They all read it, and check it probably
daily. I would say it’s them that keep me going!

One post I wrote that makes me laugh?

One post I’m really proud of?

My blogging style has definitely changed. I think it’s become more personal. I’m
more honest. It’s become a journal. I think its because I’m invested in it. I’ve
become a fan of it myself. And that comment isn’t me being vain. It’s me being
totally surprised, on a daily basis; with the way my life is turning-out! I grew-up
with a lot of ideas and expectations about how my life will be. Fantasies really! I’m
just such a planner-always have been, and this blog reminds me that I’m not the
mapmaker to my life. I’m Amber, and I’m supposed to enjoy it!

I would love to see my blog develop. And I’m not above admitting that comments
keep me going-that a growing audience keeps me going, and that I love being
surrounded by people who relate to me, whom I can relate to, to those whom I can’t,
and to those who inspire me every day!

Two blogs that I personally love to read are:

You know, I can’t answer that. I don’t want to have a favorite. I read so many
peoples blogs, and I favor them all. I love to be surrounded by posts that are
inspiring, thought provoking, and honest. And I like the variety. That’s probably my
favorite part!


  1. Okay so, you may not want to name a few favorites but I can and is definitely one of mine. In fact it's an automatic thing for me to check everyday. I LOVE seeing Royce growing and developing, I love hearing concerns and worries, and I even comment from time to time, not that I know anything about Down Syndrome, but I FEEL like I'm learning through this blog and interaction with all of you.

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  2. Awesome, Amber you crack me up!

  3. Love your blog Amber! Thank you for keeping it fresh so I don't feel so far away and out of touch with you guys! Congrats on this recognition, btw!

  4. Amber you are an inspiring Women! I have to say your blog entry about the bat was by far my favorite and I think one of my first ever I read of yours! Days like that just seem too untrue till you live one! I love you and I am grateful to you for the things you teach me!! You go girl! And yes I agree you crack me up too! A sense of humor is one of the greatest gifts from God...don't know what I would do without mine!

  5. Love your blog Amber. You are such an amazing person. A devoted wife and mom for sure, but also a warm friend to so many. Keep being you

  6. Awesome, amazing day, I hope to be more like you - even on what you might term your worst day! Thanks for sharing yourself & your life is personally enriched because of you! ~ Amy