Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Spotlight's On: Little Bird's Dad

 Name: Little Bird's Dad (I blog anonymously, for a variety of reasons.  On the T21 alliance FB Group, I use my middle name, Francis.

Blog Name and URL:  Little Bird's Dad:  www.littlebirdsdad.com

Blogger or Wordpress?  Wordpress.com

Favorite widget or plugin?  Wordpress.com doesn't let us use plugins and I'm still learning how to use widgets. If I could use plugins, my favorite would be Google Analytics plug-ins.  The information on Google Analytics enabled me to transform the reach and influence of my work blog, a blog for the specific type of law that I do in my day job. 

Dish you would bring to our community picnic:  Homemade spaghetti and meatballs, using the recipe that our family has used every Sunday since time began, I think. (We call it macaroni and sauce, though).

What got you blogging and what keeps you going?  I started blogging to process some of what I was experiencing as a 40-something dad with a newborn baby diagnosed at birth with DS. 
What keeps me going is the freedom of writing what I want, how I want, when I want, and sometimes having a dialogue grow out of it.

One post that makes you laugh?This was a tough one. When I go back and read my post "Schedule versus Routine: which is which", I laugh when I think about the day my wife and I had the "sign" battle over napping and playing. 

One post you are really proud of, for whatever reason?
"The sound of terror"  is my favorite post, so far.  When I read that Ethan Saylor's last words were "I want my Mommy", my heart cracked in 2.  It breaks my heart to think of someone in that much terror that they cry out such a primal plea for help and mercy.  The idea that someone's child could die in such a state of fear cuts me to the core.

I wanted to try to help others experience become aware of the intensity of his last moments; I believe that change only comes when powerful emotions  have nowhere else to go.

How have you seen your blog/blogging style change and how would you like to see it develop?
I am still working to find a voice for the blog.  I am open to ideas - from anyone and everyone.
I would like the sketches to take a more central role in the blog, too.   
I even turned one of the doodles into a Note Card, and I'll be offering them on the blog in the next few weeks.

Where else can we find you online? 
You can find Little Bird's Dad in a couple places:
1) Facebook: Reposting stories about people with DS in the news, with a theme of "We Can Do That, Too!"
2) Pinterest (still trying to figure out the best way to use this creative platform)
3) Twitter: (never really got this platform, but Little Bird is on it)
4) May start using Google+1, LinkedIn, and other platforms, if the blog grows.

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